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Treatment for Burns

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Treatment For Burns In Jaipur

Starting right from providing adequate first aid (if required) to helping the patients with the removal/diminishing of the scars caused by minor to severe burns, we at Abhishek hospital has always been there for the people to cure and support them. Our hospital has always actively provided the best treatment for burns in Jaipur with critical examination considering the sensitiveness of the situation. A patient is hosted by the most humble and courteous staff at our hospital and they leave no stone unturned for giving the best results.

Although the reason is always human needs as well as negligence, fire can be both a creator and a destroyer. Sometimes it works as a crucial element for doing the most basic yet mandatory household chores like cooking, warming, etc. to name a few, whereas the other times it takes the form of a devil and destroys everything.

One such drastic adverse effect of fire is when it affects a human body in the form of the burns and subsequent scars. The burning sensation leads to a physical suffering whereas the trauma of the scars psychologically affects the person hence it can be inculcated that the pain in this condition is both physical and emotional.

Burns cause the loss of a significant area of skin, which necessitates the pulling motion of the remaining skin upon each other or contraction. When the skin heals itself it leaves a distinct scar that is not only unsightly but may also restrict one’s movement.

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The burn scars most commonly occur on the body parts like hands, face, chest, neck, ears, feet, and perineum. The most critical form of the burn scars are the contracture scars which happen while the underlying muscle tissues and nerves are suffering from the burns. The burns can leave put off pores, blisters, scars, and skin totally and damage nerves. The thermal or chemical injury is probably the worst scars observed in medical practice requiring burns blister treatment. However, the most, not unusual reasons for burns can be through steam, scorching bathtub water, hot coffee etc.

Depending upon the type of burn scar formed, the solution for burn scars is varied. First and foremost, before we treat a scar it is always advisable to prevent or somehow dissipate its occurrence in the first place.

Secondly, we recommend applying cold milk on the burned area immediately after the incident. The cold temperature of milk will reduce the burning sensation and the milk itself will help fight the formation of a burn scar.

First aid is really important but in certain cases, the scar grows beyond that even after the first aid. For such cases, we are always there to provide burns treatments in Jaipur and our experienced best burns surgeon in Jaipur are always ready to assist you in every manner possible.