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PRP Skin Rejuvenation

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PRP Skin Rejuvenation Treatment In Jaipur

Abhishek Hospital has achieved excellence in the field of PRP Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in Jaipur. With a team of highly experienced doctors from the medical fraternity, our hospital has a high success rate as far as skin rejuvenation through PRP is considered. Located in a prime location in Jaipur, our hospital has been the top choice for the premium services provided and accuracy.

Skin is our largest organ and of course the one we see the most on a daily basis. As we age, the decline in skin integrity is often the first thing we notice and dislike.  The wide range of skin care products, skin rejuvenation therapies and technologies from the world of skincare industry around are there supporting the youthful look of the skin.

We, as a responsible skin rejuvenation hospital in Jaipur, understand that in line with the slow aging approach (which is to maintain functional integrity and prevent disease), there is a huge requirement of treatments amongst the people of Jaipur and the treatments ought to be sustainable and preferably engage the body’s own capacity to renew and regenerate.

Out of all the other beauty treatments that we have in the market today, who would have thought that your own blood can actually make you look younger and rejuvenated? No, you won’t go slathering blood all over your face, neither would you be drinking it, since that practice is only reserved for the mythical vampires, but it is actually PRP treatment that can make this possible.

We provide this treatment known as PRP which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and it is a treatment which uses the platelet component of your blood to promote cell repair and regeneration. In turn, after our treatment, you will get a smoother and more youthful looking skin.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment using PRP in Jaipur

Blood is actually made out of various components and this includes the white blood cells (responsible for fighting off infection), the red blood cells (oxygen carriers) and the platelets (blood clotting). Then there is the medium that allows easy transport of these components to various parts of the body which is plasma.

The areas that can be treated using PRP treatment include the orbital rim, cheeks, neck, jawline, midface, décolletage, chest, and the back of the hands, the arms and other body areas.

The result of PRP treatment is a rejuvenated skin that will have lightened wrinkles, dark spots, acne marks, and it improves skin sagging. One of the prominent benefits of PRP treatment is that unlike other popular dermal fillers that also have similar results, PRP does not cause allergic reactions. The reason is that you use your own blood for the treatment, and with that, the incidence of infection is significantly reduced.

Since skin aging is inevitable no matter how much we try to stall it, but the result of a Platelet Rich Plasma treatment can stop the clock for you for up to 18 months. This would usually require 2-3 sessions for optimum results.

Avail the low average skin rejuvenation therapy cost in Jaipur at Abhishek Hospital. Through the expertise that years of experience have provided us, our doctors and surgeons can assure you a quality treatment that ensures your safety and satisfaction.