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PRP Hair Transplant Doctor in Jaipur

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Hair Transplant is a process that has eradicated problems of baldness and acute hair fall problem. It is a surgical procedure that helps in restoring hair loss and getting a natural hair line and prevention of hair loss simultaneously. Hair transplant jaipur is a relatively permanent remedy and one stop solution to all hair troubles.

Effect / Causes

The main cause to go for hair transplant lies in all hair troubles like hair eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and most importantly Baldness.

The entire above mentioned reasons seek transplantation process

The hair transplant surgery clinic has effect on hair loss issue by its PRP therapy, FUE hair transplant and FUT hair transplant methods for baldness treatment.



The basic step involves preliminary counselling in detail and also pre operative images are taken so as to compare the post transplantation results.


In hair transplantation, it’s this non-miniaturized hair from back and sides of the head that is surgically moved to the top of the head in the form of a tiny graft. Because the hair on the permanent horseshoe is genetically

programmed to grow a lifetime, it will continue to grow even though it has been transplanted to a different site. This is medical fact, and has been repeatedly proven for more than thirty five years.

Hair grows in shape of follicles which contains a bunch of one to four hairs and during hair transplantation whole follicle unit is moved to different side. This technique is known as follicular unit transplantation.

is follicular unit extraction (FUE) in which hairs are extracted from back and transplanted to another side. In very bald patients hairs can be harvested from beard or body area.

Another method is follicular unit extraction (FUE) in which hairs are extracted from back and transplanted to another side. In very bald patients hairs can be harvested from beard or body area.


It’s a day care surgery which doesn’t require bed rest or hospitalization. Patient may get back to work in a day or two. For some patients, a hairline may need recreation; for others, more extensive hair replacement maybe required. A few patients may want to correct sparse eyebrows or a scar on the scalp. All these individuals, both men and women, are good candidates for the procedure.


How effective and safe is hair transplantation method?

Hair transplant is an effective process in regaining hair growth and DHI, FUE are the most effective method for completely bald person.

What is the recovery time for process?

Most patients get comfortable within 5 to 7 days of the surgery being operated.

Are results permanent and long lasting?

As the hairs transplanted are resistant to hair fall so the results are permanent in this process.

What is the actual cost required for hair transplant process?

The cost of transplant varies based on region and the method opted. And Abhishek hospital generally charge graft wise.

Does hair transplant hurt the person?

The degree of pain or discomfort experienced by the patient varies during the procedure.