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The dept of oncology offers division of both medical and surgical oncology services.

The surgical oncology department offers a wide range of cancer surgeries, performed by some of the most experienced surgeons in our state. Apart from surgeries for cancer in the breast, thoracic region, gastrointestinal and gynaecological systems as well as head and neck.

Our team of oncologists is always working closely with other departments of the hospital to identify and find a solution to patients’ issues. They also make it a point to hold detailed discussions with the patients with respect to the nature, objective and expected outcome of their treatment plan – be it curative, palliative or preventive in nature – always seeking to assuage fears and make patients comfortable. Psychological counseling, dietary advice and rehabilitative services are also provided to patients

Rehabilitation services

  • Diagnosis and treatment of all cancer including leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma in adults and children
  • Organized follow up care
  • Outpatient services for any oncology related problems.
  • Special expertise in procedures like FNA, Bone Marrow aspirations, biopsy
  • Highly specialized chemotherapy and its safe administration
  • Comprehensive treatment planning according to National Cooperative Cancer Network (NCCN) guideline
  • Daycare chemotherapy for those who do not wish to stay in the hospital
  • Early detections of cancer through a systematic screening programme for asymptomatic individuals especially those in the high risk group.
  • Cancer prevention and control services for high risk individuals for preventing the development of cancer.

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