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mole_mainMole is a generalized term. Many people refer a mole as any dark spot or irregularity in the skin. Moles are bunch of pigmented cells leaving brown or black marks on skin. These groups produce colour pigmentation and can occur in groups or alone as well. For this purpose the mole removal treatment is adopted which is also known by name cyst removal treatment or surgery.
Doctors use different terms for moles. Some people are born with moles; other moles appear any time during life span. The role of heredity cannot be under emphasized. Many families have a type of mole known as dysplastic (atypical), which can be associated with a higher frequency of melanoma or skin cancer.

The genes inherited from parents because of a mole called dysplastic as a result of much amount of melanoma.
Some moles are caused by birth.
Few are a result of exposure to sunlight, much exposure in sun especially in childhood leads to deep moles and darker colour.

Firstly the mole is being tested or observed and then the procedure is started off. Initially the area treated is cleansed with either of the suitable material either betadine or alcohol.

mole_procedureTo start with this procedure the area where the mole is there is numbed with anaesthetic. Then the area numbed is excised and then the mole removal treatment is started. The type of mole being removed depends on what technique is to be used.

  • Removal of moles or removal of cyst like skin mole removal or face mole removal is also by Simple shaving like shaving the mole off from scalpel without any stitches.
  • Also some people prefer mole surgery where the mole is cut and is sutured.
  • Mole removing treatment also considers laser treatment where through source of laser light the mole blemish fades away. So it is called blemishes treatment or mole removal laser
  • treatment.
  • Depending on the technique, stitches may or may not be used. 90-95% benign moles can be removed by CO2 Laser in few minutes that too with minimal scarring.

3. POST ROCEDURE- A layer of Vaseline and bandage is applied around the wound for the faster recovery and many skin creams like Mederma and restorative are applied to help in quick relief.

  • How a mole is treated?

    Mole is treated by dermatologist if the mole hinders the patient and bothers it as it could be a skin cancer too.

  • What is the mole removal cost in India?

    Mole removal cost in India varies depending on various factors like size, shape, color and location on body.

  • Can the hair on moles be removed?

    There are options to flush off your hairs like shaving, tweezing or waxing or laser hair removal.

  • Does mole removal leaves scarring?

    If moles are deep then scarring is there but professional surgeons do take care of minimal scarring as possible.

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