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Ear Correction

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Ear Correction


Otoplasty is commonly referred to as “pinning back” of the ears and is done in children once their ears have stopped developing and in adults. This is a procedure performed for protruding or over-developed ears.

Ear reconstruction surgery improves the shape, size and over all proportion of ear in comparison with the facial profile. It can correct the birth defect apparently and the minor deformities giving the ear a balanced shape. So for disfigured ears the ear plastic surgery is chosen.

Effect / Causes

Overlarge earlobes caused by wearing of long earrings. Overdeveloped ears can be the cause of psychological stress and should be treated at a younger age before it becomes a serious issue.

Due to any birth defect or trauma or incident earlobe gets damaged and so earlobe repair is required.

For ear pinning, especially ear pinning surgery is provided.

Scarring on the ears or around the ears.

Unwanted appearance of the ear also is a factor

Ear surgery is very much effective and safe approach proved now.



The basic step of cosmetic ear surgery the medical evaluation is done, also to avoid few medications like aspirin and anti –inflammatory drugs to avoid thinning of blood. Few lab testing also are done.


The procedure is done in 2 steps
After observing the patient’s condition, the anaesthesia is decided between local or intravenous sedation.


Then the surgical technique is used to create or reduce or increase the ear cartilage and then the cartilage framework of the ear is altered to create normal looking ears. The marks are made in such a way so as to hide them and non removable sutures are created to give the new shape.
Then the incisions are closed and then the results can be seen just after the process immediately.


The ears will be bandaged for a few days. Elastic support of the ear has to be worn for 3 weeks after surgery. The marks of surgery are hidden behind ears. And driving would not be allowed for a week or two so as to protect the hearing.


How is after procedure recovery period?

The bandages put after the process are kept intact for faster healing, discomfort is removed after the surgery by pain killers.

What does the ear reconstruction surgery cost?

The ear surgery costs varies according the region treated and hence the cost varies based on region also.

What are risks associated with ear cosmetic surgery?

As with every kind of surgery the risks are associated, it also contains few like ears get sore, swelling and bruising can also be seen.

Are the results permanent?

The results are permanent in nature.

Am I good candidate for the procedure?

If your ear bothers you due to trauma or incident or if you have torn ears then you are a good candidate for it.

When are the final results of the procedure are seen?

The final results of the procedure can be seen after 4 to 6 weeks the procedure.

What is the cost of chemical peeling?

Chemical cost varies including anaesthetic fees, doctors fees and medication costs.