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Dimple Creation

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Dimple creation surgery also called as dimpleplasty has made now easier to have permanent dimples that all are not born with it. People gather cuteness along with the dimples. Thanks to many stars of cinema and sports clients are inspired to have dimples. Dimples on cheeks are considered cute by many people in both sexes.

Nowadays demand for dimple creation has increased dramatically.

Effect / Causes

Dimple creation surgery has its effect on the personality of person. It has no cause, people who just love and unfortunately are not born with it so just seek this surgery. This is a safe and effective surgery but reversible too.



Initially the counselling occurs in which the surgeon asks for the desired dimple on which cheek or on both if want then the consequences are explained. Hence by the use of safest and advanced technologies any individual can realize the best dimple benefits in an exact manner he wants.


Dimple surgery can be done on any type of cheeks irrespective It is done under local anaesthesia as a day care procedure.

Results are permanent. This surgery is done from inside of the mouth leaving no external scars. A small depression is created in the muscles of cheek region. And the margin of cut muscles are sutured with deep dermis .This is Men and women are equally demanding this procedure now a day.

The cut or mark or scarring is the only permanent result a person wants. Only choosing the best cosmetic surgeon in jaipur can help you attain the maximum flexibility.


-As in all other surgeries, attention to detail is important here as well. Oral antibiotics are advised to take and also to keep a mouth clean using antiseptic solution that is prescribed your surgeons. Usually it takes 7 to 10 days for healing process, after few days you will observe that the operated area is already getting in shape. It may carry few undesirable complications but they fade away and don’t last for long.


How much time does dimple surgery takes?

The surgery takes 30minutes to finish off the procedure.

Is it painful?

It is a completely painful procedure as the incision given is also in the presence of local anaesthesia.

What does this dimple creation surgery costs?

It is very reasonable process can be afforded by anyone so you can consult and discuss about the cost to the doctors before going for it.

Are there any complications involved?

Asymmetry is the major complication anyone can carry in a dimple creation process. Other than scarring and swelling may be other risks involved.

What is the recovery time after the process?

As the local sedative is given so the person can resume his daily routine on the same day.

Does the surgery produces exact results?

In today’s world no one match can 100% accuracy but yes the advancements produces guaranteed satisfactory results.