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Chemical Peeling

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Chemical peeling treatment is one such treatment that removes the damaged layer on the skin causing the new generated skin to be wrinkle free and smooth flawless one.
Chemical peel uses an acidic solvent to clear out dead cells of the skin and can be applied over face, hands and neck as well. Although it can treat many scars and spots but can’t handle deep facial lines and blemishes skin surface.
An increasingly popular solution can be found with the use of chemical peels.

Effect / Causes

Sun damaged skin, brown “age” spots, fine lines and wrinkles, dry or flaky skin; rough skin texture, uneven skin tone, adult acne, superficial facial or body acne scars, excessive oil on your face are problems that are being faced by millions of people. So these are the factors that affect a person’s skin. Hence chemical peeling benefits are utilised in that manner.



Initially for chemical peeling procedure the skin type of person is observed according to individual skin types the procedure performed is different for everyone. As chemical peeling deals with three types of peel- superficial peel, middle peel and


Chemical peels for skin are a category of advanced clinical skin rejuvenation treatments that assist in reversing damaged skin due to such factors as aging, sun-exposure, and acne.

In Chemical peels procedure doctors use different kind of solution to improve and smooth the texture of the skin by removing its damaged outer layer. Firstly anaesthesia is given then the solvent is applied for particular period and then after that procedure is performed bandages are applied to the patient.

It has proven to be extremely effective for, but not limited to, those individuals who suffer from facial blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation. So there is a different procedure of chemical peels for acne scars and chemical peeling for pigmentation.


Use of antioxidants is advised, use of skin lightener, wearing SPF, use of soothing products and treating skin gently are few steps that should be taken care of after the procedure.


What problems can be treated by chemical peel?

Acne scars, sagging skin , wrinkles are few of the conditions treated by chemical peel.

Who can be considered as a good candidate for chemical peeling?

Generally light haired and fair skinned people are the good candidates for chemical peeling.

What are the complications possible in a chemical peel?

Scarring, redness, irritation and temporary skin colour are few possibilities that occur during a chemical peeling.

What should be best considered before considering a chemical peel?

Before going for chemical peeling you should consider the best dermatologist in jaipur.

Is chemical peeling painful?

Chemical peeling is not painful but it stings as if sometimes and causes redness too.

What is the cost of chemical peeling?

Chemical cost varies including anaesthetic fees, doctors fees and medication costs.