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Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction surgery is also known as reduction mammaplasty which is performed to reduce the breasts size and maintain its shape in proportion to the whole body. This helps in improving the overall appearance with the relief from physical stress of overlarge and excess breast size.

This gives the dual benefits of the breast reduction treatment. There are many clinics that provide the best breast reduction surgery in India but in Rajasthan Abhishek hospital comes out to be one of the known and asserted one.

Effect / Causes

Natural looks of any women can be much enhanced if their breast comes in shape and so treatment for breast reduction does provide this in a standard and accurate fashion.

Disproportionately large breasts can occur during puberty and later during pregnancy. In both these circumstances, the large droopy breasts cause much discomfort because of the heaviness and the embarrassing appearance.

It can also lead to back pain and difficulty in getting a proper bra.

All these are common reasons for affected women to seek a breast reduction.



Initially a number of questions relating health, lifestyle, needs, expectations and all the information regarding safety. Further the images prior to operation are taken to know the change in detail.


Breast reduction surgery has evolved over the last few decades to become a safe surgery with fabulous results.

Conventional techniques of breast reduction are open methods where the excess tissue is excised and the breast parenchyma is lifted and sutured in normal position.

This entails having visible scars on the breast. For an unmarried woman having scars may be unacceptable.

Keyhole breast reduction is ideal for young women with large breasts.

The fat component in the large breast is removed by the keyhole technique using tiny access points.

This will reduce the size of the breast and the associated heaviness.

If the skin tone on the breasts is good, there will not be any additional drooping from the procedure and the best part is it is almost scar less surgery.


After the surgery bandages are applied to the place treated and then support bra elastic in nature is asked to worn so as to support the breast and to keep its shape intact. Further medications like oral antibiotics are advised that would aid in healing process and the breast surgery cost also vary for the same.


What is the main purpose to go for breast surgery?

Breast surgery is basically for either breast enlargement purpose or reduction depending on a woman’s choice and need.

Who is the most suitable candidate for breast surgery?

The women who faces the saggy droopy breasts and overly large breast making difficult for you to lead an active lifestyle.

what are pros and cons associated with the breast surgery?

Unevenness may be the cons for the breast surgery otherwise it carries itself with the many advantages with satisfactory results.

What kind of anaesthesia is used for the procedure?

Generally general anaesthesia is used and in case of breasts twilight sedation is produced.

What precautions to be taken after the surgery?

Yes the post care is very much needed and as per the instructions of surgeon the women can resume its work and driving.

Is breast reduction surgery permanent?

Yes the breast reduction surgery can be considered as permanent, though if a weight gain is there then it is quite possible that breast cells get enlarged.

Are the incision scars visible after the surgery?

Breast surgery is generally a major one so scars are expected ones hence the surgeons try to avoid unnecessary scarring.