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Breast Lift

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Also known as, Mastopexy uses the process that raises and firms the breasts by eliminating excess skin and also tightens the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new breast contour. Sometimes the areola becomes so enlarged during pregnancy and lactation that it becomes necessary to go for breast lift surgery along with areola reduction including breast augmentation can also be done simultaneously.

Depending on the need and volume of breast the breast lift surgery is used in conjunction with breast implant and reduction.

Effect / Causes

After pregnancy women breast go saggy and droopy and so lifting is required.

Also the decreased weight or breast volume is a factor or cause to go for it.

Heredity is a function that affects the breast and a women personality.



Initially the counselling session starts for breast lift procedure in which every woman clears her queries, form perceptions, get time to understand the whole procedure and can make up their decision easily. Prior to operation few guidelines are provided to the individual such as quitting of smoking


Excess skin is surgically removed to raise the nipple and tighten the breast tissue. It can be at outpatient surgery room or operating centre where anaesthesiologist gives all instructions. Then a general anaesthetic system is given and then the process starts.

Incision patterns vary, depending on degree of excess skin and amount of lifting required as well as patient and surgeon preference. If your breast is underdeveloped or smaller in size you may require Mastopaxcy along with breast. Cosmetic surgery treatment in Jaipur has many of the experienced surgeons that lower the complications bound to happen during the surgery.


Final results could appear in 2-6 months. Significant weight gain can cause recurrence of fatty deposits. Liposuction surgery procedure removes most of the fat cells on the areas treated, hence the chance of putting on weight in these areas get reduced. Volume reduction of the subcutaneous fat is followed by healing and readjustment of the skin to the new contour. In many Liposuction clinics it is told that it is not a substitute for a poor lifestyle maintaining the results requires regular exercises and calorie restricted diet which is recommended after the procedure.


What is the right age for breast lift surgery?

The right age for the breast surgery is after 18yrs of age.

What does a breast lift surgery cost?

The breast surgery cost varies depend on the geographical area and on the doctors as well.

What are the risks associated with breast lift surgery?

Changes in sensation, scarring, infection and bleeding are few potential complications in the lift surgery.

What is the recovery time period after the procedure?

Generally after a week the chest feels normal sensation though it depends on individual woman too and it make take few weeks more to get back to normal activity.

How long results of breast lift surgery last?

The breast lift results usually last longer for a lifetime if performed by experienced cosmetic surgeons.

Which kind of anaesthesia is used local or general?

General anaesthesia is used during a breast lifting surgery.