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Botox Treatment

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BOTOX injections are used to weaken the fine muscles around the eyes and forehead that are responsible for the frown lines and deep wrinkles that occur in these areas. By selectively weakening the proper muscles, the surgeon can eliminate the wrinkles without disturbing normal function andexpressions of face.
While the use of BOTOX is neither new in cosmetic surgical practices, nor untested by any means.
Botox Treatment is kind of aesthetic therapy used by cosmetic professionals to treat wrinkles, facial lines, crow’s feet and other muscular conditions associated with skin to make it more youthful.

Effect / Causes

For many years, it has been used in the treatment of patients who have spasmodic contractions of the eye or other facial muscles in conditions such as hemi-facial spasm or blepharospasm, as well as certain spasmodic voice disorders.

Botox treatment has treated the signs of aging and thinning or flattening of skin.

This treatment causes nausea, rashes, swelling sometimes.

Botox treatment is very safe and effective method with no downtime period.


Botox therapy uses a group of medications that is important in paralyzing the activity of muscle so as to stop the wrinkle formation along with muscle stiffing.


Initially the cosmeticians determine the skin type, the actual problem and the root cause of it. Later on our dermatologist gives the guidelines about the Botox and its outcomes.


After the preliminary discussion with the patients, the Botox injection is injected into the area to be operated.

LOCAL ANAESTHESIA- Anaesthesia is applied in form of lotions or creams at the affected part.

INJECTION- Then Treatment consists of a number of tiny injections made through a very fine needle directly into the muscle.
The botulinum toxin is combined with saline water and incised into the desired area.

And left for some time to come up the effect. Effects of the injections begin to appear within few days.


The results generally last around four to six months, after which time, the injections must be repeated.
There is some current evidence which suggests that repeated injections may ultimately lead to longer lasting results.


Who are the best candidates for botox treatment?

People experiencing ageing signs and facial lines would be best to opt this treatment. Many people who want to have fresh younger looking skin also go for it.

Is the method painful?

No the botox itself is not painful but after treatment slight pain at site of injection is felt.

Are there any side effects of botox injection?

As such there are no harmful effects of botox treatment, slight bruising and headache may be temporarily up.

How long does the effect of botox lasts?

The botox treatment usually has its impact up to 3 months and sometimes more than that but repetitive sessions would make its effect permanent.

What is the actual cost and time involved in botox treatment?

The operating time is just 10 to 20 minutes and the cost varies depending on region to be operated and place where the treatment is been taken.

We at Abhishek hospital provide one of the most affordable packages in Rajasthan.

Who performs botox treatment?

Botox is performed by physician or aesthetician generally. At our hospital our cosmetic practitioners do the job of botox treatment